Highlands Ranch Pilates  –  Private Pilates Lessons

Highlands Ranch Pilates exclusively provides private, one on one, Pilates sessions.  Heather is able to devote undivided attention to you alone, and help you reach your specific Pilates goals.

Private Pilates lessons are ideal for individuals who understand that Pilates is not just about looking good, it is also about developing your mind and body… and feeling great in the process.  The number one goal is always – Health.

Each private Pilates lesson runs 55 minutes – providing you with a solid workout.

Unlike typical Pilates classes, private Pilates lessons are less about choreography and more about exploring the actual Pilates principals and how they apply specifically to your body in order to gain optimal health.

These highly personalized training sessions, will help you retrain your mind and your muscles, building symmetry and developing coordination (balance) throughout your entire body.

This corrective system of exercising allows clients to obtain:

  • Core Strength
  • Create Strong, Intrinsic Muscles
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Reduce Your Chances of a Sport & Occupational Injury
  • Develop Enhanced Body Awareness
  • Alleviate Joint Pain
  • Eradicate cold feet and hands